Al Hayyat Group Head Office

Al Hayyat Group of Companies is a well-known real estate brand with multi-dimensional aspects of working as real estate developers, contractors, marketing, sales, and investment portfolio management. With a background knowledge of these diverse fields, Al Hayyat Group of Companies has built its well-reputed name in a short span.

The company is known for its newly launched diverse set-up – contributes to empowering the investors and clients of KP, following the updated business rules, hence indulging them in real estate investment, which is known to be the most potential investment in the present era. Meanwhile, accompanied with other details – let’s just get started with a quick view of our story.

The thought process of jumping into the world of real estate begins with the idea of revamping this industry, because the local market of real estate is considered a place full of unfair commitments. In the end, every other person involved in buying or selling a local property had never been satisfied with the deals. This perception of insincerity in the business of property dealing was distressing on the nerves of Umer Hayyat (Chairman of the Company), who is utterly passionate about changing the perspective of real estate with the attributes like trust, transparency, and commitmentRenovation of Head office

Molding that insightful vision into the real shape took a lot of struggle, but it is worth the achievements. The company has started back in 2019, in a single room office. After spending a year in the progress of building the work-space and establishing a well-organized workforce, was no less than a challenge. So far, it is the team’s prolific abilities that the company has turned into a full-fledged business.

Inauguration ceremony of Al Hayyat Group

With the grace of Allah, and all the upright intentions contributed to paving a smooth path for the company, today Al Hayyat Group of Companies is the face of the best-known, honest, and trusted group of real estate. We are highly focused on bringing in new and modern technology to KP through innovative, smart, and economical residential & commercial projects. It is also important to mention here that the company is highly supportive of the high-rise construction policies and cost-effective residential projects magnified by the government for every category of masses in Pakistan.

The success begins when you spread the roots and make a firm base of an initiative taken, much like our premiere project, Al Hayyat Mall, which is a luxury residential and commercial project. We are determined to contribute to the development of Pakistan, hence we are planning on some exciting new projects shortly that will bring an international and highly luxuriant lifestyle to especially KPK, and of course to Pakistan.

Because success never takes a break, this story will get more inspirational moves, and we will be adding more success tales to it. It’s time to wrap up the details. We hope you enjoyed this piece of reading and must be feeling motivated. Do let us know in the comments about your queries.