Happy New Year

“The year has passed, today is the last, and the dream should be lasting!”
― Rahma Sinta

At the end of every passing year, we set some resolutions for the upcoming year. We hope to achieve those resolutions and want to be satisfied with our lives. It occurs this way, and it is true for many, but some people could not reach the level of achievement. Though we do not lose hope and make promises to be a better version of ourselves in the next year.

Every year is the New Year with never-ending opportunities. We just need to be optimistic to hop on those opportunities and carry them for a better lifestyle. Likewise, Al Hayyat Group of Companies is prepared to make resolutions for the next 365 days, which would be not only helpful to the company itself, but for the betterment of the public and youth.

  • Committed to completing the construction of Al Hayyat Mall.

Setting goals is easy, but executing them takes time, energy, positivity, and hard work. As long as there is determination, you can achieve everything, because the sky is the limit. So as we are determined and taking along our project to be completed in the coming year, INSHA’ALLAH.

Al Hayyat Mall is a commercial cum residential project, and stands at one of the hot locations of Peshawar at Main Ring Road near Hayatabad Toll Plaza. It would be Peshawar’s first luxury mixed-use project. We have also recorded the fastest construction pace of this project, among the other same nature projects of Peshawar.

Since Ring Road, Peshawar is becoming the new favorite business hub of the city, which is why the value of the investment is higher and lucrative. One can expect 15-20% capital gain annually by investing at Al Hayyat Mall.

Moreover, the project is PDA approved and registered under FBR Amnesty Scheme. Therefore, no investigation of funds shall be made and the assets of the customers are secured.

  • To start multiple innovative projects.

Every New Year brings new hopes and opportunities for everyone. For us, this New Year brings hope of planning on newer projects, specifically residential projects.

Our main residential projects will further promote the government’s recent high-rise building policy, which means a lesser land area, more accommodation, and a modern lifestyle.

Also, we will be working on some commercial projects for the purpose of guest houses and hotels in the tourist areas of Pakistan to encourage tourism in the form of the best resting spots.

  • To be more visional about the real estate development in 2022.

With passing time, every profession, and every work, needs development, because the growth should not be stopped. Real estate development needs all the attention in the coming year. We just need to be insightful about the implementation, acquisition, planning, and performance of real estate to conduct a modern outlook of the country.

  • To provide vast investment opportunities

About this resolution, we are pretty sure to be checked at the earliest of all. We are living in an era where searching for investment opportunities is at our fingertips. It is as easy as a piece of cake, but choosing between a good and bad choice needs wise attention and thorough research.

As long as we will proceed with more projects on board, there would definitely be several opportunities for the investment purpose, be it an apartment, shop, or business property.

  • To provide best customer services

Delivering the top services, building our customer’s trust, and staying committed to them are the core values of our company.

We have a record of best peer relations till now, and we will continue with the same energy to enable our customers with fine services at their convenience.

  • To bring a modern and healthy sense of living.

Besides other resolutions, this one is of vital importance. Poor living conditions have the worst effects on the country. Smaller steps make a big difference, so in the next year, we are not only focused on making homes, but also on providing a standard of lifestyle.

Our customers will experience the best amenities like never before. They will be provided with all essential services, so that they can have a convenient and healthy life.

  • To create more job opportunities.

As we bid farewell to 2021, let’s pledge to be more helpful to others and lend a hand of support to those who are in dire need of a platform where they can learn new skills, polish their abilities and make some bucks.

We will be open to taking on board new talents in the city to lessen their peer pressure of searching for government jobs right after graduation. To make this resolution achievable in 2022, we will create more job opportunities and recruitment drives to pull the best talent out of the town.

  • To contribute more to social responsibility

Here comes our favorite part: we are always excited to take part in social welfare activities, because what is better than promoting a good cause for the betterment of society. We are proud to be the sponsors of many social events in the past, and also looking forward to more.

Some of them would include;

  1. Cleaning & Beautification of the city.
  2. Promotion of sports/games on a domestic level to prepare the young talent for the bigger table.
  3. Internship opportunity for students who want to refine their skills.
  4. Lend our support and appreciation towards government initiatives for such purposeful projects.

  • To protect green land

Being a real estate company, we are thoughtful about the agricultural land, which should not be destroyed for the purpose of construction projects. It should be saved and preserved for the balanced eco-system.

Other than that, in the times where the urban population is increasing day by day, so is the pollution. To mitigate the impacts, let’s volunteer work to protect green belts and plant more.

ADIEU, 2021

As we wrap up the blog, we just need to be determined and considerate enough to achieve what we are meant for.

It’s time to say goodbye to 2021 and be prepared for the stuff to come. Don’t fret, if this year was a rollercoaster for you. It is not going to be the same every year, so always look for the good and stay focused.

Leave your comments and let us know what your New Year resolutions are?