Who does not love decorating the living room of their homes? Of course, we all!

Decorating home plays a major role in the depiction of your family environment. Particularly, the living room is meant to be a family place where all the members sit together to spend some quality time. Among other rooms, a living room is the most alive sitting area at home. Thus, the place needs to be spruced up with some invigorating wall colors, modern seating, opulent furniture, accent lighting, and a minimalistic theme.

So, let’s dive into the details of how to make your living room the most alive, beautiful, and cozy place of your home.

A WELCOMING ENTRANCE DETAILS                                                            

The gateway of the home deserves to be warm and welcoming. The abstract of the decoration of your living room starts with the entrance door. It all depends on the interior theme of the living room, so you set the style, design and colour of your door accordingly.

If the theme of the living room is too basic, or white in colour, the door usually comes with light brown or dark brown in contrast. If the interior has a pop of colours, then it depends on your choice, whether you pick the neutral colour of the door or choose any other colour in contrast with the theme colours.

Adding statement door handles or knobs would make the style more enhanced and attractive.


What attracts you most, when you enter the living room? For us, it is the walls that boost the theme of the place. If you want to go for the tranquil, calm and relaxed look, then opt for the neutral shades. They are the most vibrant tones of the year, and blend with other dark/bright tones.

If you want to go for the bold choice, don’t hesitate, choose a dark colour palette and enjoy the appealing side of your living room.

To make your walls more attractive, set a wall gallery and add family portraits to preserve the never-ending memories. Be careful while setting your wall gallery. We won’t recommend adding too many pictures in one corner of the wall.


Ceilings are roof ornaments that add an appealing sense to any home or place if done right. For a living room, you can decide between a conventional ceiling and grandeur ceiling hangings. Make sure to optimize your budget, choice and overall vibe of your living area first, before opting between different kinds of ceiling designs.

If you want to go too simple, then get the conventional ceiling with cost-effective lights, and there you go, rocking the simple, beautiful and pleasing effect.

But if you have more opulence choices, you can pick dropped ceiling, tray ceiling or beam ceiling made up of hardwood for the more rustic or unique look of your living room. You can add metal hangings to those ceilings for a more aesthetic look.


Here comes the best part of any living area that is ventilation. Windows play a major role in making the place more breathable. Natural light, the outside ambience of your home and fresh air are the perks of windows, you enjoy while sitting inside at the corner of your living rooms.

The selection of curtains is the trickiest part while decorating the living room. For instance, if the windows are ceiling-to-floor and deliver enough light, then prefer blinders with any colour of the curtains that accentuate the atmosphere of your living room.

Meanwhile, if the theme is too basic, neutral or soft, then choose the hue of the curtains that complement the shade of the walls. It will give a charming effect to the eyes. On the contrary, if you want to emphasize more on the curtains/drapes, opt for the colours that contrast with the furniture.

There are a plethora of options in the selection of fabric, self-prints, prints on prints, patterned, solids, or you name it. Choosing the statement style of curtains is more like art, so be creative to give it a more finished and aesthetic look while picking the fabric, design and style of your curtains.

Pro tip: If you want to make your living room a better version of your home, never ignore the outside view of your home. Set the tone of the sitting room in a way that syncs with the outside environment of your home.


Spending most of your time in the living room means you need to set the mood of the place with the tints of vibrant hues. Get the colour book and roll your sleeves up, you’ve got millions of colours in front of you. Now it’s time to lay in the imaginations, play with the colours – juxtapose them, mix match them or pick the neutrals, all depends on your mood.

Just don’t be afraid to go bold. If you want something rich in colours, go for the warm, bright and darker shades, and boom, enjoy the eye-catching peeks of your living room.

If you have an energy for the grounding colours and want to make your living room rustier and traditional, we would recommend the subtle nourishing of terracotta hues.

If you don’t want to get stuck in the colour palette, neutral colours are the best choice. To make the look peaceful, formal and alluring, accent it with brass shades and cherish the welcoming aura of your living room.


If you’ve decided on the colour palette, the next step is to follow the flooring pattern, furniture haul and seating arrangement.

We have picked some quality flooring options, such as floors made up of concrete, tiles, hardwood and carpeted. Increasing hype for the engineered wood flooring with different designs and colours is good to go for the living rooms. They are easy to clean and add aesthetic vibes to the place.

Furniture is the main part of the living room, and picking it is quite tricky. While buying furniture, make sure to double-check the space where you can easily fix it without making the place too congested. Upholster furniture, smart coffee tables, Chaise Longue, metal-framed pieces, ottoman and comfy custom sofas are all the trends. Assort them together and settle them with antique pieces of your choice.


The décor of anything is the ever-interesting part, because it portrays the creativity of a person and brings life to any place. The best thing about décor is, you can change and fix it anytime or set it for years.

Now, that you’ve placed the floorboards, arranged to seat and done with the colour theory, it’s time to move for the rest of the decoration.

You can have a variety of options for decorating your living room with planters, ceramic pots, tilted mirrors, floor lamps, accent lights, rugs, runners, efficient shelves and air diffusers to create an ambience all around the home.

Planters and ceramic pots with jute framing are trending pieces nowadays that come in different categories. For a while, the planters can be placed nearby sofas/coffee tables, they can be placed on the shelves for the winning look, can be hung near the windowsill or staircases, and can be placed in the corners of the living room. In addition, ceramic pots add a captivating effect to the place or can be used to store petite accessories.

Don’t forget to add a statement, striped or patterned rugs and runners, because these are the important attributes of designing a vibrant and bright living room.



Here comes the fun part, it’s a living room, and that too without an entertainment spot? Impossible!

Yes, leave a wide and spacious corner of your living room for a fun time with your family and friends after the monotonous working hours.

Install a big LED screen for Netflix movie nights, or gather your friends, bring the gaming gadgets and enjoy your weekends.

Never ignore the kids, set a safe playing corner for them so that they can stick to the family and be a part of entertainment time.

HOLLA! Now, you are all set to add these modern essentials to your living room, and thank us later. Do let us know in the comments if you find this blog helpful.