Peshawar, the city of flowers


Infrastructure is a very broad term, the whole system of the country proceeds under this fundamental phenomenon. Infrastructure mainly includes; the development of roads, buildings, water supply, sewage system, transportation, electricity supply, and improvement or construction of existing roads/pathways etc. These resources are needed for the durable functionality of the home, city, town, and any firm or country.

As far as Peshawar is concerned, it has transformed in many aspects. The government and private companies are confined to working closely on the infrastructure development of Peshawar. We are listing some of the projects that the government has started in the last five years. Some of them are under construction, some are completed, and some are yet to be started. Here’s the list below;

  • Widening & improvement of existing G.T Road from Zakori Bridge to Surai Pul bridge Peshawar (section 1)
  • Improvement of existing Jamrud Road from Shama Chowk to Administrative boundary.
  • Road via City town to Motorway Peshawar.
  • Bab-e-Peshawar flyover.
  • Construction of Hayatabad Detour, including service road and bridge.
  • Beautification of Hayatabad.
  • Construction and improvement of different roads. For more projects detail, please visit PDA Ongoing Projects.
  • In other news, one of the many important yet to be started projects is the construction of a missing link of the Ring Road from Warsak Road up to the Nasir Bagh area. It will be an 8.7 km long road, which will include service roads, flyover, 4 bridges and one intersection. The project costs 1.6 billion.

Moreover, Peshawar Development Authority PDA has announced the completion of the largest (216 Kanal) park. It has been constructed in the area of the dumping site near Nasir Bagh Road. That dumping site has now been converted into full green land with a playing area for the kids, as well as the jogging tracks. The lush green area is now beneficial for the people of Peshawar to spend their evenings with families. Also, it is one of the achievements in the developmental work by PDA.

However, in the last blog, A Comparison between previous and present Real Estate Industry,we’ve discussed that many real estate companies are emerging in the city to invest in construction projects. So in the near future, with this infrastructure development, Peshawar would be the focal point for the investors. The rapid planned construction in Peshawar would make the real estate worthier.

In this blog, we will categorize some of the developed and under-developed areas of Peshawar based on investment opportunities and their amenities.


Developed areas in Peshawar are mature, occupied and almost fully constructed. According to World Population Review, Peshawar’s current estimated population is 2,272,812, which is growing by 3.17% annually from the past 5-years. So these developed areas are densely populated, and improved with commercial markets, government buildings, schools/universities, hospitals, parks, fine eateries and other entertainment places.

Project Location


Hayatabad is one of the oldest residential areas in Peshawar, KPK – developed land and well connected to the entire city. It is sitting near the Torkham border, which connects Afghanistan to Pakistan. Hayatabad also connects to the main intra-city avenues, such as Jamrud Rd, Peshawar Ring Rd, Industrial Estate, which leads to the Karkhano market and Landi Kotal.

Location wise, Hayatabad is a posh land and well-connected to the city. The price value of the residential property is comparatively high. It consists of seven phases, and each phase is further divided into sectors and sub-sectors. Investors would find many real estate investment opportunities in Hayatabad, but the developed region has always higher prices than the under-developed region.

Moreover, other amenities that Hayatabad provides, like parks, jogging tracks, hospitals, mosques, an abundant number of education institutes, restaurants, shops, supermarkets in each phase, BRT and other local transportation in the locality.

Meanwhile, Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) is maintaining the beautification and cleanliness of Hayatabad to make it more attractive for buyers & residents.


University Road also known as GT Road is a popular road that links the University Town Road to old Jamrud Rd, Tahkal, and the proximity of Saddar, Peshawar. University Rd is also adjoining Board Bazar, Nasir Bagh Rd and the newly launched DHA project.

It is called University Rd because it is the hub of top universities in the city. Such as University of Peshawar, Agriculture University, Islamia College, Khyber Medical College (KMC), Khyber Dental College (KCD), University of Engineering (UET) and many other social science departments inside the vicinity.

University Road is the heart of Peshawar and also the biggest commercial area. It has a wide range of commercial plazas, shopping brands, government and private hospitals, gym houses, the best private schools and food outlets.

It is also one of the oldest planned housing areas. It mostly includes homes and bungalows, but the price range is less than Hayatabad.


Warsak Road Peshawar, extends from Grand Trunk Road to Saddar Rd, and connects Dalazak Road. Warsak road is one of the busiest roads because it is parallel to Shami Road and stretches to the Saddar region. Part of Warsak Road connects Ring Road.

The roads are flat and wide, so the traffic flows from Hayatabad, GT Rd, Ring Rd and Shami road through it.

Warsak Road has several residential colonies and commercial projects. This area is developed and open for residential and commercial investment. One can buy land for homes, offices and shops because Warsak Rd is a commercially active area in Peshawar.

Besides this, on either side of Warsak Rd, you will find well-known academic institutes, schools, banks, local shops, food outlets like McDonald’s, other markets and factories.

Different modes of public transport are available on Warsak Road. You will find easy access to intra-city commutes, different entertainment points and all the necessary facilities.


It is located next to Warsak Road and further connects Saddar to Dalazak Road. Shami Road is one of the most expensive lands in terms of buying a residential property.

Its nearby famous places are Army Stadium, Peshawar Cantonment, Garrison Park Peshawar, Police Lines, Qila Balahisar, Peshawar Airport, Pearl Continental Hotel, Radio Pakistan, Shahi Bagh and Lady Reading Hospital.

Apart from that, it also has easy access to local transport, academic institutes, hospitals and many other intra-city routes. If you are looking for a luxurious place to buy a home, this is surely one of the right places to choose in the locality of Peshawar.


Dabgari garden is the oldest commercial area of Peshawar. It is located in the vicinity of Peshawar Old City and has historical values back in the date. Dabgari Rd passes through the Railway Road and intersects the Kohat Rd.

Dabgari Gardens Gate is famous for its medical facilities, where plenty of private hospitals and clinics are established. People from remote areas visit Dabgari Gardens Peshawar to consult the doctors.

It is a commercial area. You will find plenty of pharmacies, other local shops and small food stalls on the sides of the road. Railway station, Gorkhatri, Bhai Joga Singh Gurudwara, Qissa Khwani Bazar, and Namak Mandi are some of the nearby famous places, which is why it is considered a crowded region.

Investment wise, you may find a little fewer commercial investment opportunities in this area because it is an old and unplanned occupied constructed site.


Gulbahar housing colony is located near Dabgari Gardens. Gulbahar Rd passes by Nishtarabad and lasted towards Circular Rd. Gulbahar is the oldest housing society. It is fully developed, occupied and surrounded by many other housing societies, but still one can find residential investment opportunities. The prices are comparatively less than Hayatabad, Shami Road and other developed places.

Moreover, Gulbahar is also surrounded by many historical sites like Sethi House, Ghanta Ghar, Lahori Gate, Gunj Gate and Androon Shehar Bazaar, where people (from Peshawar and outside the city) visit these places for entertainment and shopping.

Also, Hajji Camp Adda is nearby Gulbahar, which is an extensive transport hub in Peshawar for intercity traveling.

This blog contains information about developed areas in Peshawar. Some regions are old, fully constructed and occupied. We will continue this blog with information about underdeveloped regions of Peshawar.

For information about new construction projects in underdeveloped regions of Peshawar and its real estate investment opportunities, you will need to visit our website and read the NVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES IN PESHAWAR BASED ON DEVELOPED AND UNDERDEVELOPED AREAS (Section-II)