Marketing is an essential part of every modern business. It helps the company to identify the customer needs and the trends in the surrounding. But the question is how would the businesses meet the needs of the customers? How would they promote their services and their products to the buyers?

The advertisement comes to the rescue when it is about promoting the products and highlighting the services of the company. Advertisement is an integral part of marketing, if done right, the brand could surpass the success of its new products even before its launch. What matters is to choose the right form of advertisement for the right customers.

If we talk about technology, it is growing day by day and influencing people in every way. Businesses implement those influential strategies to pull the best leads and reach out to as many customers. The advertising strategies have enormously changed, and are no more traditional. Companies have shifted towards digital advertisement, and the acknowledgment they get is overwhelming.

This blog will inform you about a new advertising feature in Peshawar, such as the SMD screen, which will be displayed for the first time on the facade of Al Hayyat Mall. The features of the SMD screen will be discussed in detail, and how it will be a game-changer for many brands. 


Modern-day advertisement

Al Hayyat Group of Companies is all set to bring modern-day advertisement mediums for the first time in Peshawar. No less than before, this time we will facilitate the brands to advertise their products on the 20ft bigger SMD screen. Businesses would feel the need to opt for SMD advertisements rather than billboards. Your campaigns will be displayed bigger and louder, so that you could reach the potential customers with zero effort.

Installation of SMD screen on Al Hayyat Mall

The SMD screen will be installed on the front face of Al Hayyat Mall. It will be 20ft in height and 15ft in width. The mall is located on Main Ring Road, near Hayatabad toll plaza. Ring Road is the central point of Peshawar, which connects all the main routes of the city and the next business hub. From a location viewpoint, the SMD screen will be highly visible to all those who enter and exit the city.

Purpose of SMD advertisement

The main purpose of a big SMD screen is to engage the customers, because digital ad technology, specifically displaying ads featuring videos, is evolving in importance, and companies are getting an effective response in growing the customer line through using motion graphics advertising techniques.

Important Note: We are not only restricted to advertise our in-house brands, but we will be open for every single (from small to big & from national to international) business that wants to advertise their brand or newly launched product on the biggest digital screen for brand mileage.

Advantage of SMD screen

Modern businesses will get all the hype once displayed on the SMD screen. It will help to let people know about the new product, so that they are fully aware of the new campaigns of the company and be able to reach out to the brand. 
A good advertisement also helps the company to gain potential customers and generates the best closing revenue.

Benefits of featuring ads on SMD screen

  1. Displaying ads will inform customers about the products or services they are purchasing.
  2. It will convince customers that your items or services are better.
  3. It will create a desire for items or services among customers.
  4. It will help to demonstrate a new product or service application.
  5. It will bring in new clients who will buy your products.
  6. It will promote the brand itself.
  7. It will also help to retain your current consumer base.

Who can take advantage of this SMD screen in town?

  1. To the real estate companies, forget about the monotonous way of advertising the project on banners. Avail an opportunity to display the 3D renders & real-time videos of your project, and let the interested clients know what the project exactly offers.
  2. If any small business wants to be noticed among the known national and international brands, it will be the perfect opportunity for them to display their brand or newly launched products.
  3. Let’s say if there is a wedding season going on and the designers want all the attention of the brides to be, we invite them to portray their bridal campaign higher on our building, so that more brides could reach out to you.
  4. Now, we talk about clothes – all those brands will get a chance to display their statement clothing collection on the brighter SMD screen.
  5.  It’s for the food brands – make mouth-watering content, play it on the SMD screen, and the foodies are all yours.
  6. Any government-planned social awareness campaign could be broadcast so that the public is fully aware.
  7. Cricket craze couldn’t be ignored – let the cricket fans enjoy their favorite players playing on the SMD screen.
  8. The list goes on, many other businesses like home appliances, footwear, cosmetics, home accessories, tech-related, furniture houses, banks, educational institutes, and many more can get the benefit of digital advertisement to convey their brand message loudly so that the consumers are mindful about the product.


We believe that coming up with such new ideas will empower businesses to choose the right medium of advertisement and target the desired consumers.

All in all, it will help them to generate the best leads, potential customers, and customer loyalty in the best way and in less time.

Meanwhile, for those interested in product advertisements, we will release the details for SMD advertising as soon as it is operational.