Social Media in Real Estate Marketing

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Using electronic media has become an integral part of our lives. Social media is one of the prolific digital platforms these days. People from almost all walks of life use social media and real estate is among the industries relying on social media for its promotion. 77% of the real estate agents use one or the other social networking sites. Real estate stakeholders seek recommendations and tips online. They share their investment experiences in social media posts and read the ads. Social media users constitute a big chunk of the real estate industry’s folks and cannot be overlooked.  

Some of the dividends a real estate company can reap from social media are:

Extensive Reach 

Social media provides a wide reach to the multitudes globally. The ads have an online presence 24/7 without any hindrance of time and location. The agents have business accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and much more. 

An effective marketing strategy should be designed to gain the steam on social media. A faltering strategy can cost a company if not properly produced or published. 

Network Expansion 

Social media helps businesses widen their B2C and B2B network. It sets a perfect platform for realtors to get connected with like-minded people online. LinkedIn is a recommended social platform for B2B businesses used mostly by decision-makers. That said, the realtors and agents find it quite useful for positive word of mouth and referrals.  

Business Scalability 

Social media marketing grabs importance in the real estate industry for its high scalability. It is crucial to target the right audience among the multitudes of social media users. You can customize the audience on many bases, such as location, gender, age and much more, to be frugal with your company’s budget.

Increase Website Traffic 

You can attract massive traffic from social media to your website. Social media user big loop has a great potential customer. Quality and engaging blog posts and articles on social media tempt the customers to click through and take them to the website. They will get great inbound leads. 

Effective Communication

Social media is a great tool for interacting with its users. It renders free, effective and fast-paced communication for the real estate business. The Chatbot takes social media communication to the next level where the bot answers the questions 24/7 through artificial intelligence and never leaves the queries unanswered. 

For instance, Facebook ads are known for their effective targeting traits. This stops the ads sound redundant and spammy. You can customize your budget and the timing of your ads to be shown to the targeted audience.  


Social media plays a decisive role in real estate marketing. Serious attention should be devoted to strategizing the social media campaign to enable it to meet the promotional goals. It helps real estate agents improve their online visibility, establish better communication with the audience, attract traffic to the website, and customize the campaign to selectively target the right audiences. 



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