Top 5 Shopping Malls in Peshawar

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Shopping is no longer limited to purchasing goods or services, but it has also become a means of recreation, hanging out with friends to get a pleasant experience and create memories. Countless shopping malls are being built in every small and megacity congested area to attract people in masses. They are replete with all the modern amenities to make them super luxurious and render the visitors and buyers quality services. Modern-day shopping mall managements spare no effort to furnish their malls with all the essential items, one could need in a city. Shopping in malls has been a social trend for the past few years. People enjoy frequenting malls and making videos and selfies to post on social media. “Checking in” posts about a mall or any other location is an indirect promotion that implies a strong positive word of mouth.

The trend of megamalls has entered Peshawar from other cities in the country. People of Peshawar no longer need to bother visiting Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi for shopping. Very few shopping malls are launched in Peshawar and many are in progress. Courtesy of these malls, all the international brands Nike, Adidas, Prada, and national brands Khaadi, Bata, Ndure, etc. These brands bring clothes, footwear, mobile phones, cosmetics, jewelry, and other consumer goods. These are going to be available to the residents of Peshawar under one roof. Al Hayyat Group of companies is pivotally contributing to revolutionizing real estate and shopping malls by launching modern luxurious projects.
We are listing the top five malls in Peshawar that have received positive vibes on the internet and social media.

Al Hayyat Mall


Al Hayyat group of companies brings one of their spellbinding projects by the name of Al Hayyat Mall, designed and constructed by Al Hayyat perfect Builders (Ltd). Furnished with all the modern amenities, Al Hayyat Mall comes up with a mission to revolutionize the shopping customs of the people of Peshawar and KPK. Located at the hand throw distance from Hayatabad Toll Plaza on the main ring road Peshawar, opposite Hujra Restaurant, Al Hayyat Mall fills a prime commercial location. Furthermore, it neighbors several branded shops on Ring road that often struggle with parking facilities in prime shopping time.

The three-level basements, allotted for parking, is an attractive feature for cozy and enjoyable shopping. There is a lower ground floor and six floors above the ground, designed for different products and services. Fashion brands, footwear, watches, make-up, jewelry, fitness, and all type of products are available for pleasant and memorable shopping here. Lower ground, ground floor, 1st, 2nd, and 3th-floor house different national and international brands. The 4th floor is food court, a center for a barbeque for local and foreign cuisines. The 5th and 6th floors have luxurious apartments having attached balconies to view the heartwarming vistas of the city.

Some of the key features of the mall are:
Façade design on the front
Three basement parking
HVAC system
Capsule and Cargo Lifts
Backup solar system
9.0 Richter scale earthquake resistors
Magnetic door locks
24/7 CCTV security
Separate Masjids for males and females
Open-Air BBQ terrace, and the list go down.
Investment in Al Hayyat Mall is a rewarding opportunity. The ROI from such investments is more lucrative than investing in other projects. It is like The Centaurus Mall Islamabad in KPK for the first time.

Diamond Mall 

Dimond-Mall-PeshawarDiamond Mall, a Saif group’s project, is committed to epitomizing the perfect up-to-date shopping mall by realizing all the features required for 21st-century sumptuous luxury. It has commercial shops, corporate offices, and residential apartments. Diamond Mall comes up with amenities to provide a pleasant experience of luxury and shopping. The mall has a spacious front lobby, valet parking, atrium, backup generators, capsule and cargo lefts, an HVAC system, special tracks for people of determination, and many more. The apartments on the top floor from the 8th to 13th floor have Italian-themed designs, separate balconies with every apartment, biometric entry, emergency exits with community spots including a food court, Masjid, and offices.

Diamond Mall is uniquely situated in the city’s neighborhood of crucial centers. Located in the neighborhood of Gul Haji Plaza, Chief Burger, and on a short drive from the University of Peshawar and KTH hospital, Diamond Mall grabs special attention.

Deans Shopping Mall Peshawar 

Dean-Trade-CenterDeans Shopping Mall or Deans Trade Center is the first mega shopping mall in Peshawar. It is located in Saddar Bazar, opposite to state bank of Pakistan, Peshawar cantonment, KPK. Its building is comprised of the basement, lower ground, ground, and three floors above the ground. All the floors are multipurpose. The shopping mall houses not only the shops for consumer goods but also has commercial banks, travel agencies, business management offices, and other kinds of business and financial consultants.

The Dean shopping has over 30 kanals total area. It provides wide and spacious lobbies and halls. The visitors are facilitated with lifts and escalators. There is a commodious wedding hall on the top floor and hosts wedding parties regularly. The shopping mall used to have Dean’s hotel in past and would attract foreigners for its quality hospitality services. This shopping mall needs managerial attention to revive all its operations to exploit its full potential.

King Mall and Hotel 

King-MallKing Mall has top-quality shops laden with all the essential amenities to meet the expectations of middle and upper-class folks of Hayatabad. The shops are well painted and well-lit to make it a conducive arena for modern-day shopping.

King Mall and Hotel, A project by Naran Builders also aims to innovate the hospitality concept and make Peshawar a tourism destination for the national and international tourists. Hayatabad phase2 has been chosen as the perfect place for 4-star Delux Hotel due to its secure and clean history to create an ambiance of super luxury. A helipad has been set on the top floor ensuring top-class services along with corporate offices for business tycoons.

HBK Arena

HBK-ArenaHBK Arena, one of the subsidiaries of HBK group recently launched in Peshawar. Located in the proximity of the Hayatabad suburb area on the ring road, it gets a lion’s share of the potential customers. Comprised of retail stores, restaurants, a café, a play area, and a modern pharmacy, HBK Arena has MacDonald at its entrance attracting many customers from the city. Having been built on more than 50 kanals area, HBK mall offers spacious parking for more than 300 vehicles at a time. It renders centralized AC, a firefighting system, 24/7 CCTV, and many more.


In the present day, people are getting shopaholics with each passing day. The shopping malls have turned into resorts which people throng during the occasions of religious, cultural, and national festivals. The visitors also get prone to impulse buying when they see exquisitely designed stalls and lucrative offers. The management of shopping malls should place extra emphasis on equipping the malls with all the amenities to draw as many visitors as they possibly can.




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